The Most Important Day Of Your Life!

Your Special Day!

So many things to think about and do but that is why we are here to help take the stress away for you.  Some things to start thinking about now that you are engaged.

First, When do you want you wedding?  Time of year – take into consideration of the weather and other events going on school, sports, family function, etc.  Day of week – most people want it on Saturday but so much is going on, that people get overbooked on Saturdays, so it is possible to have it on another day, also take into consideration you can save a lot of money having it on an off peak day.

Next, how many guests are you going to have?  It’s great to have everyone there! But…it’s like taking everyone out on the town for a night.  If you take your FULL cost(catering, entertainment, venue, dress, invitations, etc) and divide it by the number of people you are having, you could be looking at 40-50 per person, if not more.

Now, that you have that in mind, you can figure out your guest list. With an estimate of how many people you are going to have you can start picking out a venue that will hold your guests.  At this point, you need to ask yourself what is the atmosphere I want, do I want it at a Victorian, Modern, Classic, or Country theme – will I be able to do everything I want there – do they allow alcohol, additional costs, can I use the vendors I want to, outside catering, maybe you want sparklers, think of everything.

BUDGET – figure out what your priorities are – is it the location or is it the entertainment or is it the photos – what are people going to a year or two down the road.


We’ll listen to your vision, plan accordingly, and deliver a wedding reception far beyond your expectations. We will honor your “do not play list” and adhere to all your requests. We work closely with photographers, caterers, and hall mangers to make sure everyone is aware of how the evenings events will unfold. Here at NBE, customer service is a big deal to us. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. That’s why we take the time to pre-plan and put together custom playlists that tailor perfectly to your reception (no more “cookie cutter” weddings)! Also, the DJ you consult with is who will actually be at your event. Having one DJ from start to finish is key in the success of your reception.

Why hire a DJ vs a Band, or an IPOD?

A DJ is able to keep the music going at all times, and blend/mix the music according to what you want.  Where Bands typically only know a certain type of music and it’s tough to get an IPOD to play requests on demand.  IPods will have pauses in the music, bands will take breaks after 40 min. sets for maybe 20 minutes.  An IPOD with a set list could play Rock during dinner, and dinner music during dancing – a lot goes into the music selection and timing is critical as it sets the mood.

  • 65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a DJ (Statistics from: Modern Bride magazine)


A new and fast growing trend at weddings is  up lighting.  Up lighting is a great way to create depth, interest and drama for your event by literally painting your event space with light. You can turn an ordinary event space into a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space.


Let our team at CTB help you create a event that everyone will remember for years to come. Our Wedding Planning service is a great way to leave the planning, production and stress to us! Our goal is to make you feel like a guest at your own event. Pricing for Wedding Planning varies based on the specific requirements for each event. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your celebration in more detail!


We can provide special tent decor lighting to create that special look.  Along with dance floors, tent liners, and other special things for you.


A wedding monogram definitely provides a “wow” factor at your event. Imagine guests entering your ballroom to see your initials or name displayed in bright light on the dance floor, wall, or ceiling. You can choose from your standard initial or design a custom monogram specifically for your reception.


Is your ceremony outside or in a venue with no audio system? At Catch The Beat Productions that is no problem. We can provide a separate sound system just for your ceremony. Your wedding music will be heard by all your guests.


CTB offers a wide variety of Pip & Drape sizes and colors. Our drape décor solutions can transform any room into a grand showcase of colors and sweeping textures. Choose from adding Drape behind your head table or choose installing drape around the entire room to create an amazing showcase.


Multimedia is new way of using technology to add the “wow” factor at your event. CTB uses 42″ LCD TVs and projection screen technology to display a multitude of content for your guest at your reception. Many of our wedding clients have used multimedia to display live video feeds from the videographers, picture slide shows and even music videos. A special video montage can be created of the bride and groom, taking a trip down memory lane of the two growing up and coming together. Typically – the montage consists of 20 pictures of the bride, 20 of the groom, and 20 of the two of them, along with 3 songs – one for each section.


Want to make your first dance something everyone will remember for years to come? A special Catch The Beat Productions enhancement at weddings is “Dancing On A Cloud”. This effect will make your first dance one you and your guest will never forget! We utilize the latest in dry-ice technology to pour out a low-lying fog onto the dance floor that will never go above your waist.