Wedding – Overview

One of the most important days of your life!

Your Special Day!

So many things to think about and do but that is why we are here to help take the stress away for you.  Some things to start thinking about now that you are engaged.

First, When do you want you wedding?  Time of year – take into consideration of the weather and other events going on school, sports, family function, etc.  Day of week – most people want it on Saturday but so much is going on, that people get overbooked on Saturdays, so it is possible to have it on another day, also take into consideration you can save a lot of money having it on an off peak day.

Next, how many guests are you going to have?  It’s great to have everyone there! But…it’s like taking everyone out on the town for a night.  If you take your FULL cost(catering, entertainment, venue, dress, invitations, etc) and divide it by the number of people you are having, you could be looking at 40-50 per person, if not more.

Now, that you have that in mind, you can figure out your guest list. With an estimate of how many people you are going to have you can start picking out a venue that will hold your guests.  At this point, you need to ask yourself what is the atmosphere I want, do I want it at a Victorian, Modern, Classic, or Country theme – will I be able to do everything I want there – do they allow alcohol, additional costs, can I use the vendors I want to, outside catering, maybe you want sparklers, think of everything.

BUDGET – figure out what your priorities are – is it the location or is it the entertainment or is it the photos – what are people going to a year or two down the road.


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