JD Fields aka JD The DJ started at the early age of 15 with a deep passion for music, always listening to C89 and other genres, when the DJ’s came to the Jr. High dances they did not know what to play so of course JD volunteered since he had about 400 tapes at the time with him – as JD had a little contest of who could have the most tapes but had to have 3 songs on the radio. As time progressed, JD setup PA gear in high school for the pep assemblies and worked for another dj company throughout high school. Went on to WSU, majored in computers and communications, spent most Saturdays and other late nights on the radio, KUGR. Started the roadshow early and did all the dorm & frat parties. Ended up coming back to Snohomish, saved money and started Catch The Beat officially in 1992, since then JD has performed at over 2000 weddings, and countless high school, Jr. high, elementary schools, corporate and clubs.

JD The DJ is an internationally known DJ/Entertainer. He has performed in Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and based out of Snohomish, WA – but loves doing destination weddings, as he has worked with fellow dj/friends in Idaho, Texas, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusets, Conneticut, Oregon, California, Michigan, and many other places. Goal to DJ with Nick in New Zealand or even a hypnotist.

From the beginning, JD has strived to be the best and learn. As he constantly always reads the trade magazines, attends all the trade shows, around the country taking it very seriously. In 1997-1999 competed in the ADJA Awards. In April, 1997, received DJ Entertainer of The Month from DJ Times Magazine. Has spoken at many trade shows for both DJ Times & Mobile Beat, recognized as a leader in the industry.

In the late 90’s had a large inflatable company, that died with the economy and 9/11. But after entertaining at many graduation parties, JD traveled North to study Hypnosis. Soon he was traveling between Washington, and Canada, working underneath the great – Lord of Trance, as JD earned the stage name Prince of Trance.

JD realized early that not one person can not do it all – changing with the times, there has been Catch The Beat, Catch The Beat – JD The DJ, Catch The Beat and The Mobile Mad Hatters, Catch The Beat – JD & DJ’s, and finally Catch The Beat Productions featuring JD The DJ. Always giving credit to the great friends, dj’s, employees, creating such great memories, and learning from the best across the country*.

As we perform at a variety of types of events, we also provide a myriad of entertainment from DJs, Sound & Lighting Production, Photo Booth, Entertainers – Bands, Magicians, Comedians, Street Performers, and Celebrities, Bartending services, Slide Shows, Karaoke, Video Mixing and so much more – anything you can possibly think of we can do.

Learning and increase knowledge – JD The DJ, Prince Of Trance, Bartender, Bridal Consultant, Wedding Planner, Ordained Minister, KJ, VJ, but most of all a crazy, all around fun entertainer.

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